Data Protections Declaration

EMS Power Kft., 5/1. floor 2. door 8. Dési Huber Str., H-1098 Budapest, Hungary uses this data protection declaration to inform you about how your data is used if you use the EMS Power® app and EMS Power Online System. The following will explain when and why EMS Power® gathers, uses, discloses, transmits or saves your data:

1. App Provider and Body Responsible for Data Protection

The EMS Power® app and EMS Power Online System are published by EMS POWER Kft., 5/1. floor 2. door 8. Dési Huber Str., H-1098 Budapest, Hungary EMS POWER Kft. takes protecting your data very seriously. We base our handling of your personally-identifiable data upon the strict requirements of Hungarian data protection law.

2. Data Collection by the EMS Power® app and EMS Power Online System

2.1 Basic principles

The EMS Power® can generally be used without personally-identifiable data being collected and/or transmitted. This means that the EMS Power® is operated independent of the technical systems of EMS POWER Kft., particularly their servers. In this respect, EMS POWER Kft. is committed to the basic principles of data reduction and data economy.

Data - also anonymized data - is only collected in so far as this is required to provide the user with the functional scope they desire, or to improve the functionality of the EMS Power®.

Some functions, services and training tools may only be available if the EMS Power® transmits data to EMS POWER Kft. via the EMS Power® app and EMS Power Online System. These include, for example, the complete logging of your training in the form of a training diary, training programmes specially developed by EMS and transmitted to the user, booking (purchasing) additional training programmes, as well as all other functions in so far as they are required for establishing a contractual relationship between EMS POWER Kft. and the user of the EMS Power®, or to redesign content or change such a contractual relationship.

The EMS Power® app and EMS Power Online System uses Google Analytics to anonymously document which functions of the app are being used. This is for the purposes of improving system processes and developing training programmes. For more information, see the of Google Analytics.

The EMS Power® app and EMS Power Online System also uses the programme "crashlytics", which logs app crashes and sends this data to crashlytics in an anonymized form. The data protection guidelines of crashlytics can be viewed. EMS POWER Kft. is not able to attribute anonymized data to any specific user.

2.2 In-app purchases

If you effect an in-app purchase within the EMS Power® app and EMS Power Online System, personally-identifiable data will be collected and saved by EMS POWER Kft. for contractual purposes.

2.3 Consent for use of data and notice of the possibility to object

By using the EMS Power® app and EMS Power Online System, you consent to the transmission of your personally-identifiable data in so far as this is required for performance of the services made available by EMS POWER Kft.. This particularly includes individual training statistics and training programmes. It is possible to object to the transmission of data at any time.

Objections are to be sent to:

EMS POWER Kft., 5/1. floor 2. door 8. Dési Huber Str., H-1098 Budapest, Hungary

Establishing contact with the above will enable you to receive information free of charge concerning your saved data. In the event that an objection is submitted concerning data exchange between the EMS Power® and EMS POWER Kft., your data sent to EMS POWER Kft. (particularly your training progress) will be deleted.

3. Use of Data

EMS POWER Kft. solely uses data collected in conjunction with use of the EMS Power® for the purposes of documentation and improving the usability of the EMS Power®.

EMS POWER Kft. will never pass on data gathered in conjunction with use of the EMS Power® to third parties.


This data protection declaration was last updated on 1/12/2017.

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