Studio with EMS Power System


All you need is a min. 60 square meter studio equipped with EMS Power system, 3 professional trainers to start your business. Comparing this investment to the costs of opening an ordinary gym, it is extremely economic.


Due to the user friendly interface, it is really easy to learn the proper usage of the system, a professional personal trainer can adapt the whole knowledge within some days.

Your clients will feel maximum comfort while wearing the extremely soft and elastic EMS Power suits which functions perfectly without any watering.

Clients can be constantly informed about their achievements and training results due to our online system in order to keep their motivation and interest.

During the training each value and even the intensity and frequency can be set separately for your clients. Currently EMS Power is the only system where this great innovation is available, thus securing the feeling of absolutely personalized treatment for your customers.

Studio owners will never be left alone with any kind of problems, our team grants smooth support in order to reach success together.

All these factors guarantee a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere both for your employees and for your clients which will result in a flourishing business.


EMS Power ensures the highest quality education for your future trainers. Contacting our local partner you will receive information about upcoming courses, all you need to do is to assign your trainers. During the course, they will learn both the theoretical and practical knowledge about a professional EMS training in order to make your clients 100% satisfied.


4 types of packages to meet all kinds of requirements. Personal TrainerSTART, PRO, GYM
EMS Power Engine: generator unit with 12 channels
EMS Power Mind: 12.3" display with 2k, light weight, new generation of EMS App
extremely elastic suit with rubber electrodes
Extra accessories for the price of a basic package

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