Highly effective training

Clients will be impressed by the efficiency of this method. Instead of working hard in a gym 4 or 5 times a week for hours, it is enough to train with EMS Power system twice a week for 20 minutes. Abdomen, thighs, bottom, back, arms work together really hard, which does not only help to achieve beautiful muscles, but helps to burn calories intensively for a whole day as well. The blood circulation of muscles and connective tissues also improves, thus making your skin smoother and toned.

Wireless system

The highly developed EMS system guarantees 100% freedom during training, while reliable connection is secured by Bluetooth communication. Wireless system makes small group trainings possible. Group training is not just a way to motivate clients and have fun together, but also a great possibility to combine EMS with other trainings, such as functional training, running, Zumba, weight lifting etc. The great advantage of this system is that each parameter, even frequency, can be set separately up to 2 clients. This means that strength training is possible for one client, while the other does Cardio Workout. Currently EMS Power is the only system where this function is absolutely wireless available.

User friendly interface

Due to the user friendly interface, it is really easy to learn the proper usage of the system. After creating the own profile of each client it is possible to monitor the already achieved results, save each parameter and use the same values anywhere in the world. Clients can share the location of their favourite studio and their personal training data and achievements in the social media, thus creating a motivating atmosphere where training is a stylish way of life.

Extremely elastic suit without watering

Our specially designed suits are made of an extremely elastic and soft fabric, so clients can wear them without feeling uncomfortably squeezed, although all electrodes fit perfectly onto the muscles. Electrodes do not need to be made wet, they function correctly without any watering increasing the feeling of comfort, especially in winter.

Controlling and monitoring through app with bluetooth connection

Both professional trainers and home user clients can easily control trainings through a mobile application downloaded to their tablet or smart phone. Connection between the app and the generator unit is secured by Bluetooth 5.0. This method guarantees the freedom of movement on a big territory doing a wide range of various exercises. The intensity of the activity can be also monitored through the system.

Portable version for personal trainers

If you are a professional personal trainer you can hold classes to your clients anywhere, even in their home or outside in the fresh air with the help of EMS Power portable system. We offer a special suitcase to support your business, so you do not have to worry about the safe carriage of your device. It is also a brilliant way to boost your marketing activity by organizing demonstrations, or to participate in expos and shows.


4 types of packages to meet all kinds of requirements. Personal TrainerSTART, PRO, GYM
EMS Power Engine: generator unit with 12 channels
EMS Power Mind: 12.3" display with 2k, light weight, new generation of EMS App
extremely elastic suit with rubber electrodes
Extra accessories for the price of a basic package

EMS Technology

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) means that electric impulses generated by a special device are transmitted to the skin by electrodes, directly over the group of muscles to be stimulated.

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