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You can choose to open a studio. In this case you are kindly asked to contact your local distributor. If there is not any partner of us responsible for your country, then we will gladly assist and serve you directly from the Hungarian HQ.


You can be a sales representative in a given territory. This means that you can do sales activity, and you receive commission after the successful selling. You get in contact with the client, and we help you in negotiations and finalization. You are not responsible for after sales support of the client, you do not have to open technical service point and organize training education locally. There are no compulsory target numbers in sales, but on the other hand, you will not receive exclusivity in your region.


You can be an exclusive distributor in a given territory. In this case we agree on a certain sales target number which you need to reach within a given time. We set a special distributor price, and you will have exclusive rights in selling within your territory. However, you need to create a business plan and marketing strategy in order to apply for distribution. (Please find all the necessary documents below.) You are obliged to open a technical service point to handle the service and warranty issues of your clients. You need to open a showroom at least with 1 device for marketing purposes, and to demonstrate the system and business model to your clients. You must operate a local EMS Trainer Institute to organize courses to your clients, trainers.


4 types of packages to meet all kinds of requirements. Personal TrainerSTART, PRO, GYM
EMS Power Engine: generator unit with 12 channels
EMS Power Mind: 12.3" display with 2k, light weight, new generation of EMS App
extremely elastic suit with rubber electrodes
Extra accessories for the price of a basic package


Highly effective training
Wireless system
User friendly interface
Extremely elastic suit without watering
Controlling and monitoring through app with Bluetooth connection
Portable version for personal trainers

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Contact us either if you are planning to start your own businness, or have any questions about home user system. Call our office or send message now.

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