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Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) means that electric impulses generated by a special device are transmitted to the skin by electrodes, directly over the group of muscles to be stimulated. The impulses make the muscles contract, which is very similar to the way the muscles actually move during a serious muscular effort.

This training method makes both the deeper muscles and the surface muscles work at the same time, thus achieving a spectacular result without straining the joints. Impulses do not cause any unpleasant feeling neither on the skin, nor in the muscles. The specially designed suit and generator unit help to reach the toned body and muscular system. Doing easy exercises int he special training suit.


EMS Power training enhances a scope of metabolic procedures, especially through expanding enzyme activity in all districts of the body. Muscle metabolism (usage of glucose, calcium-binding, lactate expulsion) is altogether improved. The higher exercise limit in regular day to day existence is because of the expanded arrangement of vitality by fats during activity. The re-combination of ATP, or 'cell fuel' for muscle withdrawal is increased and the muscles have more vitality provided by fat burning. This will prompt practical weight reduction.

EMS Power training will develop muscle cells, which contain mitochondria - the power processing plants of the muscle cells. The more power production lines there are, the higher the rate will be that the body consumes vitality, for example vitality utilization at low action levels will be expanded and essential metabolic rate. This implies the body will devour more vitality notwithstanding when you're stationary. At the point when combined with typical dietary patterns, or far and away superior, a decrease in calorie consumption, the extent of fat in the body will before long begin to diminish.

In any case, in some cases the muscles picked up by subjects counterbalanced the impacts of fat decrease on their general weight, however this was bulk not fat. When these subjects were put on 'fat scales' (estimating fat appropriation/bulk through impedance testing), the consequences for fat levels were obviously noticeable.

EMS Power training gives numerous helpful impacts in the battle against cellulite:

  • Effective fixing of the connective tissue
  • Encouraging blood stream
  • Removing surplus fat cells and hurtful metabolic items

EMS training improves quality, continuance and development speed altogether. For the body structure of more seasoned individuals, short low-frequency entire body EMS training sessions and short mediation lengths indicated huge impacts. Entire body EMS training is an exceptionally fascinating type of low-frequency training since all the muscle gatherings can be prepared with various accentuations.

It permits a lot of adaptability in arranging the preparation of individual muscle gatherings and is an efficient type of training (15-20 minutes). Low-frequency entire body EMS training can be utilized to pursue a scope of objectives (from structure muscle to unwinding) and is in this manner reasonable for both novices and experts.

Entire body EMS training battles back torment – an amazingly far reaching condition – in a compelling manner. The electrical flow clearly likewise impacts profound muscles which are hard to arrive at utilizing customary medicines. Authority entire body EMS training is an efficient, powerful all-round training routine which accomplishes positive, wide-arriving at wellbeing impacts. It accomplishes both remedial and deterrent objectives.


In the static stamina the average increase is 30.3% on 75 +/- 44 Hz stimulation frequency. In the dynamic stamina the average increase is 41%, on 76 +/- 10 Hz stimulation frequency. The long-term low-frequency stimulation of the skeletal muscle is mainly resulted in the development of slow muscle fiber with a high rate of mitochondria.

Improves performance, oxygen consumption at the anaerobic threshold (increase of 22-37%), maximum oxygen uptake. The maximum power and / or performance increases by 32% in the anaerobic threshold (AT). It results in an 8% increase in the cardiac ejection fraction (EF).

There is also a positive effect on the speed of contraction. It increases the movement speed (approx. 30% improvement in the flexural muscles), which significantly increased the performance.

In various sports the maximum isometric strength was increased between 15% and 40%, with an average of 32.6%. Athletes can achieve a 30-40% improvement in maximum strength in just 5 weeks. Improved eccentric and concentric contraction of the latissimus dorsi muscle and quadriceps muscles and freestyle swimming time of competitive swimmers.

Competitors showed an improvement of 3.1 ± 1.7% in sprint over a 3 week period. Hockey players achieved a 4.8% improvement in sprints longer than 10 meters. The freestyle swimmers were improved by 1.3% at 25m and 1.45% at 50m. Jumping skills were improved between 2.3% and 19.2%. After EMS isometric workout average + 10 ± 6.5%; and after dynamic EMS training from 6.7% to 21.4%.

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4 types of packages to meet all kinds of requirements. Personal TrainerSTART, PRO, GYM
EMS Power Engine: generator unit with 12 channels
EMS Power Mind: 12.3" display with 2k, light weight, new generation of EMS App
extremely elastic suit with rubber electrodes
Extra accessories for the price of a basic package


Highly effective training
Wireless system
User friendly interface
Extremely elastic suit without watering
Controlling and monitoring through app with Bluetooth connection
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