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If you have not used our system yet, or have only little experience, please visit one of the EMS Power studios. Our trainers are gladly at your disposal with their professional knowledge. If you are an experienced user and would like to train at home, then feel free to use our product developed especially for home users.


You can enjoy professional EMS training even without leaving your home. If you want to train alone in privacy, then EMS Power Home system is made exactly for you.


You just need to download EMS Power App, compatible for Android and iOS systems, and you can easily set your parameters, control your training and monitor your results. Wireless system and the soft and extremely elastic training suit will guarantee the most comfortable training method ever. At the end of your trainings you can easily share your results and achievements with your friends.


Our international team is gladly at your disposal in case of any questions, or to reach further services.

High-level online workout for home users in the fall of 2020.

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Contact us either if you are planning to start your own businness, or have any questions about home user system. Call our office or send message now.

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